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    Rated Working Capacity: 15 to 150 kg (33 to 330 lbs)
    Device Weight: 23.5 kg (52 lbs)
    Webbing Length:12.5 meters (41 ft)
    Mounting Configurations:1:1, 2:1 and Pivot Mount
    Model Number: ZS125-08
    Warranty: 2 years
    Rated Working Velocity:

    • 6 to 36 kph (4 to 22 mph) utilizing a direct 1:1 load
    • 10 to 60 kph (6 to 37 mph) utilizing a 2:1 reduction line*

    *Higher rated working velocities require that the zipSTOP device be utilized in conjunction with a reduction line assembly. The specifications noted are valid only when installed as part of that system.

    Line Specifications:

    Type: Nylon/Spectra Webbing
    Width: 19 mm (3/4 in)
    Thickness: 2.5 mm (.1 in)
    Breaking load (new): 15.6 kN (3507 lbf)


    The best brake for your zip line, zipSTOP Zip Line Brake uses self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking technology to brake zip line riders smoothly, comfortably, and consistently.

    The assembly includes:

    • zipSTOP Zip Line Brake device
    • Brake trolley
    • Mounting bracket

    Key zipSTOP Benefits:

    • Eddy current braking technology adjusts automatically to ensure a smooth rider deceleration.
    • Allows for a wide variety of rider weights and speeds.
    • Automatically resets after each rider, minimizing human error.
    • Helps mitigate risk by removing human error from the rider or guides.
    • Low cost of ownership, including an annual recertification at $399 and replacement of sacrificial wear parts.
    • Able to withstand outdoor environments and work consistently in any conditions.


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