The zipSTOP Pivot Mount simplifies installation of the zipSTOP or zipSTOP IR, allowing the use of a gantry.

Dimensions: 206.6 mm long x 198 mm tall x 86 mm wide (8.13 inches long x 7.8 inches tall x 3.39 inches at the thickest spot)
Minimum Rated Strength: 22 kN (4,946 lbf)
Weight: 2.77 kg (6.1 lbs)


The zipSTOP Pivot Mount expands the mounting possibilities of your zipSTOP or zipSTOP IR Zip Line Brake, allowing the use of a gantry. The Pivot Mount leads to smoother braking, reduced webbing wear, improved retraction, and simplified installation.

Note: zipSTOP not included.


  • Simplifies installation and retraction
  • Only compatible with zipSTOP line of brakes
  • Allows for wider range of zipSTOP mounting options, like a gantry
  • Smoother braking
  • Enhances rider experience
  • Capable of enduring harsh environments
  • Made of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Lightweight design


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