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    Rock Climbing Wall



    Price includes 

    • Design Fees
    • Site Supervision
    • All Mechanical Engineering Work (Steel with Fabrication)
    • Rock Climbing Panels
    • Polyester resin fiber glass panels are to be 10mm thickness with natural features
    • Imported fix anchors & security system all nuts & bolts to be zinc plated (corrosion free)
    • Rock Climbing Holds
    • M S Frame Structure
    • Three Easy To Difficult Climbing Technical Rout Map
    • Installation Charge
    • L N key Steel Bolt
    • SS Hangers
    • SS Chain Hangers
    • S S Bolts and Nuts
    • Sand Pit with Sand
    • Red Oxide
    • Epoxy Painting in three stages
    • Transport and Travel


    • Taxes & Duties: As applicable
    • Continuous supply of electricity and water
    • Alteration charges will be at actual
    • Safety Gear
    • Accommodation and Foods


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