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    Multi Activity Tower 50 feets Height

    1 Rock climbing Wall 2 Slithering 3 Multiple Climbing
    4 Para jump5 Net Climbing 6 Zipline( 250 Meters only) 7 Rappelling


    Price includes

    • Auto Cat Design / Design Fees
    • Site Supervision / Red Oxide Epoxy Painting / Access Ladders
    • All Mechanical Engineering Work (M S Steel with Fabrication)
    • Land Layout and All civil Engineering work

    Rock Climbing Wall

    • Rock Climbing Panels
    • Polyester resin fiber glass panels are to be 8mm thickness with natural features
    • Rock Climbing Holds (Indian Holds)
    • Three Easy To Difficult Climbing Technical Rout Map
    • Installation Charge
    • L N key Bolt/Faasner/SS Chain Hangers/Bolts and Nuts
    • Epoxy Painting in two stages


    • Waterproof Marine Plywood
    • Wood Primer Paint / Bolts and Nuts / M S Frame
    • Transport and Travel

    Net Climbing

    • P P Rope 12 MM
    • P P Rope net
    • Net Size 65 Square Meters

    Multiple Climbing

    • Used Tyres
    • 10 MM PP Ropes
    • Galvanized Steel Cable 10MM
    • (U Bolt) / Turn buckle / Bamboo


    • Slithering Rope Base/KERNMANTLE ROPE 12 MM
    • Steel carabiners / Sling

    Para jump

    • Para Jump Base / Para Jump Device / Para jump Harness

    Additional information


    18 Meters X 6 Meters 5 Meters 6 Meters


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