Chocolate & Candy Catcher Machine


Place of Origin:  India (Delhi)
Brand Name :  Metro Amusement
Type : Crane Machine
Name : Chocolate & Candy  Catcher Machine
Color : As Required                             Material : Wooden Frame
Size: W3*D3*H5 Feet                          Weight: 200KG
Voltage: 220V                                         Player: For 1 Player
Power: 60 W                                           Warranty: 12 Months
Item: Vending Game Machine


Chocolate & Candy Catcher  machine game is oldest game but it is famous among kids. Through this machine kids catches toys of its own choice , or you can make it interesting by arranging compitation among kids , every kids have their turn , those who will catch the toys in one go he will play the next round and so on-2 game will have a winner. We have different variety of toy catching machine , depending upon your choice you can select from them.


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