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    Camp Titanium 11 mm Rope

    Rope can withstand the worst friction.
    Very safe with high abrasion resistance.
    The perfect choice for work at height with descenders, and fall blockers.

    Maximum Length of A Roll: 200 m.
    Weight : 73 g.
    Tensile strength: 2900 daN (kg)
    8 knot strength: 2050 daN ( kg)
    N fall factor 1: 15 (100 kg.)
    Arrest force factor 0,3: 5.60 kN
    Elongation 50/150 kg: 2.8%
    Sheath slippage: 0.8%
    Sheath percentage: 36%
    Mass the soul:64%
    Shrinkage in water: 4%


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