Camp Atlas 3 Lock Nero


ID: 137504
Standard(s): EN 362 – EN 12275 – EAC
Height (mm) : 120
Width (mm): 68
Gate Opening (mm): 23
Major Axis (kN): 40
Minor Axis (kN): 10
Open Gate (kN): 13
Lock Type: Twist Lock Evolution, Key Lock
Material: Aluminum allo


Amazingly strong aluminum carabiner
Automatic lock requires three actions (slide, twist, and pull) to open
Easy to operate with one hand
Large gate opening and keylock nose make clipping ropes and webbing easy

The Atlas carabiner with an automatic triple-action twist lock closure for maximum security. The Atlas is notable for its superior strength—which approaches the strength of some steel carabiners, but at a fraction of the weight—and its oversized design which makes rigging easy, even while wearing gloves. This combination of strength and ease of use makes it an ideal carabiner for search and rescue applications. We recommend the 3Lock system if you intend to use an auto-locker as your general belay biner.


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